hr — Task timer as simple as its name.


hr tracks your hours.



Keep your projects and clients organized with categories

The app has three main views. Category-view is the first you'll see when you launch the app.

From there, you can click the Add-button (+) to create new categories for your tasks.

When you want to export entire category of tasks to e.g. Excel, you can select a category or multiple categories, then click the Export-button.

Right-click a category to see more actions, like archiving categories.

Double-click a category or click the arrow next to a category's name to open the category. Read more about Tasks-view in the next section.


You can click the status bar to toggle between showing and hiding archived categories.



Manage your list of to-dos in the Tasks-view

Tasks-view holds the tasks of the category you opened. You can return to the Categories-view by clicking the Back-button, which is now visible.

Click the Add-button (+) to create new tasks and the Export-button to export selected tasks.

Hover over a task and click the appearing Play-button to start timing. When a task is being timed, you’ll see here a Pause and Stop -buttons instead.

Open priority-selector by clicking the left edge of the row. Priorities will be shown with a colored stripe of green (low), yellow (medium) or red (high).

If allocated time for a task is set, the background of time badge will change to yellow (80 %) and red (90 %).

When clicking a checkbox, that task is marked as complete. You can toggle whether to show complete tasks from the menu (View) or by clicking the bar between Add and Export buttons.

Double-click a task or click the arrow next to a task's name to open the Sessions-view. Read more about Sessions-view in the next section.


Status bar also shows a summed time, when there are multiple selected tasks.



Keep track when you worked on a task

You've now opened a task's Sessions-view. Just as category is a collection of tasks, in hr a task is a collection of sessions, time intervals used on a task.

You can return to the Tasks-view by clicking the Back-button.

A session is created everytime when you start and stop timing a task. It's also possible to manually create a session by clicking the Add-button (+).

By selecting a session, a session-editor will pop up, letting you edit its details.

From this view you can also switch between viewing task's sessions or editing task's properties by clicking the toggle buttons on the bottom-right.

And again, Back-button is there to get you back to Tasks-view.


Select multiple sessions and right-click to merge them.

It's minimalistic, clean and easy-to-use,
yet powerful time tracking app for your Mac's menu bar.



Record time used on your tasks with multiple timers. Automatically pause on idle or after specified interval (pomodoro technique).

The menu also shows a tiny timer icon when a timer is running. You can use the menu to quickly jump between active timers.



Click the Export-button or right-click a task/category to export as CSV.

While you work, hr sits in the upper-right of your screen, ready when you need it.

hr is ready

Click the menu bar icon to open hr.

hr is running

A play-icon appears when a timer is running.

Menu bar icon showing all info

Configure hr to show time of the current session and/or task, and task's name.

Available on the Mac App Store

  • Awesome app! Was looking for something clean and simple like this for ages! Highly recommend!

  • This is a great simple app – does the job nicely and I recommend it to anyone who might need it.

    Chris J.
  • Great app! Does just what’s needed without any extra chrome! Thanks!

    Markus J.
  • hr is a prime example of simplicity executed in a way that gives more power and flexibility.

  • This app really does a good job at stripping the task of tracking time down to the bare minimum.

    Andrew E.
  • If you need to track your time on different projects, this is the simplest to use I’ve ever seen and absolutely the best.

  • This does what it says and well. Easy to use and reliable.

  • Well-designed, compact & clean time tracking app.

    P. Locc
  • Looking for a fast approach on time tracking? Look no further!

    Piet N.
  • Full-featured, yet easy to use.

  • Bin begeistert! Funktioniert für meine Zwecke perfekt. Sitzt angenehm in der Menubar, gute Exportfunktion, perfekt!



Release Notes

Version 1.4

Released: 2018-04-10

  • Export now includes notes
  • Fixed issue where window wouldn't position correctly
  • Fixed issue where hr would crash when editing a task

Version 1.3.1

Released: 2018-03-06

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Version 1.3

Released: 2018-02-06

  • hr is now 64-bit
  • Menu now shows play/pause indicators next to timers
  • Dropped support for OS X Yosemite (10.10)
  • Minor UX improvements

Keyboard shortcuts


Select AllA


Archive CategoryA
Create New CategoryN
Delete Category
Unarchive CategoryU


Create New TaskN
Decrease Priority-
Delete Task
Increase Priority+
Mark/Unmark Task as CompleteC
Show/Hide Complete TasksC


Delete Session
View: Sessions1
View: Task Properties2




  • Where does hr store its database?
    If you haven't specified another location for the database, by default the database1.db file is located in /Users/(username)/Library/Containers/ Support/hr.
  • Can you add feature X?
    The successor of hr is currently under development, so hr will most likely not get any new features.
  • I have another question.
    Write a DM in Twitter or email.